This yoga course is specially designed to help you release stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

These UNIQUE sessions are a combination of Hatha and Yin Yoga style (calm and slow) with hints of energy healing.

Every class, you'll experience yoga asanas (poses), breathwork, guided meditations and journaling prompts that will help you release stress and/or anxiety.

Flexibility is NOT a requirement for these classes.

The focus is on relaxation and helping the nervous system to regulate so we can feel more resilient and less exhausted, which in return, will impact our relationships, career and health.

If you're tired of having to depend on pills to feel good and nothing seems to work, or if you've been looking for a mindful exercise to improve your well-being, these classes are for you.

Who are these classes for:

- Beginners or Experienced Yogis – really doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been doing yoga.

- Those who are feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed and are ready to do something about it.

- For everyone who has been saying that wants to do yoga but hasn’t come around to doing it :)

Why are these classes important:

Years of working with people as a yoga teacher, coach and listening volunteer have been revealing to me that these classes are critical and needed. People are stressed and overwhelmed and feel lost without knowing what to do.

Classes will take place at Fearon Hall, Loughborough.

I have recently completed the 5 week beginner yoga course and I must commend Isabel on being an excellent instructor. She is warm friendly and very patient. As a result of this course i have fallen back in love with yoga. Krista Walters

Classes led by Isabel, an experienced yoga teacher, and holistic coach who has been helping people relieve stress and anxiety using holistic practices for the past 9 years. Isabel has an extense knowledge in fitness, nutrition, yoga, and energy work. She has worked with some of the best international teachers such as, Dylan Ayaloo and Master Sri Akarshana.


Let go of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and burnout for good.

Embrace inner peace, happiness and joy!

Starts Tue, 12th September, 6pm

Course of 6 classes, every week until 17/10/23