Summer Yoga Urban Retrat, Loughborough

Sun, 25th June, 10am -12.30 pm

Normanton on Soar Village Hall, Loghb'

An exciting yoga event with a light-hearted flow yoga and a chilled yin yoga sequence to facilitate our connection with joy.

If the weather is good we'll do yoga outside.

Enjoy a guided meditation, reiki healing and journaling session dedicated to tapping into your bliss.

How much joy are you allowing in your life?

It’s so easy to focus on the next level, and the things that aren’t yet done…but in this eagerness to get to the next goal, we often forget to pause, appreciate and connect with authentic joy.

Through yoga we’ll explore the meaning of joy and how it genuinely feels in our body, mind and soul.

You’re invited to join us in this joyful exploration and bring a new twist to your summer months full of energy, joy and gratitude.

And of course, there always time for refreshments and chat.


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