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You Could Clear ALL The Money Blocks That Have Been Holding You Back and Easily Attract Life-Changing Abundance?

Break Your Limiting Money Beliefs and Finally Experience The Success, Prosperity and Wealth You Deserve -In 30 Days!

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30 days of daily training, coaching, healing and accountability

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    Hi, I'm Isabel

    Over the past 9 years, I've helped people across all walks of life achieving the life they DESERVE.

    I've helped people moving away from stress, anxiety and unhealthy habits and behaviours to creating a NEW lifestyle where they feel happier, joyful, healthy and abundant.

    As a holistic coach and energy healer, I've realised that one of the most common issues people face is the belief that they are not enough and not worthy of their dreams.

    My mission is to help you clear the illusions around who you think you are, so that you can embody your true authentic self with ease.

    Are you ready to welcome more abundance into your life?

    What will you get inside the challenge?

    ✔️4 weeks of Coaching videos

    ✔️6+ Guided Meditations and Activations to clear blocks and rewire the mind

    ✔️2 bi-monthly Q&A sessions

    ✔️4 weeks of ongoing support

    ✔️1:1 Coaching & Healing Session to help you accelerate your process

    NOW ONLY £108!

    How The Challenge Works

    For 4 weeks, Isabel is going to personally guide you to unlock your abundance blueprint, uncover your limiting beliefs around money and abundance, and show you how to remove those limiting beliefs and create new and powerful ones that will empower you to attract money and abundance into your life.

    Every week, you’ll receive access to the training videos, meditations, activations and exercises to complete.

    This is a practical challenge where not only you learn but take aligned action and change your life.

    Here's what you'll learn:

    • How to recognise limiting beliefs around money & abundance.
    • How to shift these beliefs and create NEW ONES.
    • What's alignment & aligned abundance for you.
    • How to embrace the most abundant version of yourself.
    • BONUS: Explore how to make aligned sales and sell from a place of abundance.
    "I spent a lot of time working on my own beliefs. Your program helped me a lot. I will not write that my whole life changed suddenly because it would not be true, but a few changes that I made allowed me to change my situation and believe that I am able to solve my financial problems. Now my situation is much better and it is going even better."
    Joanna Kruczyk, Photographer

    Get access to videos, q&a sessions, group coaching calls, and guided meditations to help you integrate the work and start seeing shifts in your reality!

    How is This Challenge Different From Others

    This challenge is different from others out there where there’s no guidance from the coach or real action steps. In this challenge, Isabel will personally guide you.

    To bring long-lasting transformation, we’ve put together the latest coaching and energy healing methods and we’re now sharing it with you so you can truly transform your life!

    The focus is on rewiring the subconscious, letting go of old limiting beliefs and creating new powerful beliefs and habits.

    'We attract what we are and not just want we want.' Isabel Gondar